Much further north is the resort town of Ansons Bay and then historic Eddystone Point Lighthouse - circa 1889. This area is also of immense significance to the local Aboriginal people. Across the boundary, in Dorest Municipality, is the beautiful Mt William National Park. Mt William National Park provides protected habitat to wombats, Bennetts wallabies, eastern grey kangarooes, Tasmanian pademelons, echidnas, brush-tailed possums and Tasmanian devils. 

 Ansons Bay opens into the ocean just south of Eddystone Lighthouse and is a great fishing destination. Thought to be the place where the largest bream population in Tasmania reside. There are over 200 houses scattered along the shores of the Bay, built amongst the natural forest. Some people reside permanently in Ansons Bay but many more visit the community for holidays and weekends. 

Ansons Bay