In the days before the coastal road linked Bicheno and Scamander, Fourmile Creek as it was known was almost at the end of the road. A secluded, holiday camping destination with a creek full of bream, and crayfish abundantly crawling in the rock pools.

Fourmile has now become a home to over 50 residents and the campers have gone, the crayfish and the bream are not so abundant but are still being caught. It is a great destination for surfing and fishing or just soaking in the peaceful coastal scenery.

Fourmile is about 15 kilometres along the coastal highway after turning off at the base of the St.Marys pass. The turnoff is 10 kilometres from Scamander. Pack a barbeque or picnic lunch there is a park for the kids and a safe swimming in the lagoon. Boats can be launched from the rivermouth but seek local knowledge because this can be dangerous.

Surf Fishing from the 4 kilometre beach for the local Australian Salmon is a major pastime of visitors to the area. Good catches of these 2 – 3kilo fighters are common from the beach.