Fifteen kilometres from St Helens, but on the Tasman Highway leading to Scottsdale, is the former town of Goshen.Initially it was spelled 'Goschen' by the religious pioneers who named it after the equivalent place in Egypt, as described in the Old Testament - Exodus, Chapter 8. There was no milk and honey at Goshen, Tasmania though, at least not for many years, because it was actually a paperbark swamp, creating an irritating barrier for travellers making their way to the Blue Tier.

Later Goshen became the main source of fodder for 200 pack horses, plying daily between the Blue Tier tin mines and the port of St Helens. The Terry family at 'Terry Vale' were the first farmer settlers in the area. Not many original buildings are evident today. The vestiges of the derelict Oxford Arms Hotel are visible beyond the big roadside English oak tree, on the right as one approaches the settlement. Further along, across the bridge on the left, can be seen the one-time Goshen school, now converted into a private residence.