St Helens, nestled in the corner of the picturesque Georges Bay, is the business centre of the Break O’Day municipality and also Tasmania’s premier, coastal tourist township.The Georges Bay District / St Helens was once known as Kunnara Kunna meaning "easy walking place". The area was home to many Aboriginal bands and has a rich history of Aboriginal heritage and cultural occupation. For example, the Bay of Fires got its name from the Aboriginal fires seen by the English explorer Tobias Furneaux as he sailed past in 1773.
St Helens was first recorded on a map by Tobias Furneaux when he named St Helens Point in 1773.

The township, originally called Georges Bay, was settled as early as 1828, but not much development occurred until tin was accidently discovered in 1874. The mining boom that followed petered out around the turn of the century, gradually being replaced by dairy farming, timber harvesting, fishing, tourism and, more recently, aquaculture. Ten minutes out of St Helens lies Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires, one of Tasmania’s most beautiful and popular beach getaways.